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APS H20 and APS (for sail drives)

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The Autoprop feathering propeller for cruising sailing yachts, displacement motor vessels, and hybrid and purely electrically driven craft with engines to 350hp.

The list of ‘Autoprop advantages’, and the reasons to fit one, is now so long that the propeller has its own website. Auto pitching, auto feathering, the same thrust in astern as ahead, less prop-walk in astern, a brand new version for hybrid and purely electrically driven vessels, and a recently developed ability to produce very efficient and economic propulsion for purely diesel powered displacement motor boats are more than reason enough.

Autoprop is a unique propeller which has been praised by yachting writers around the world. Whatever type of cruising sailing yacht you may own, mono or multihull, or displacement motor vessel, leisure or commercial, we suggest you look closely at the Autoprop website which can be reached here. If you need more information don’t hesitate to contact us.