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Bruntons – The Company

Bruntons have been in existence for over a hundred years. Today the business is a part of the Stone Marine Group; a group of companies specialising in all aspects of vessel propulsion. At Bruntons we have expert knowledge on the propulsion of leisure yachts, sail or power, and small to medium size commercial and naval vessels. Our knowledge extends across all aspects of the design and performance of propellers and their associated sterngear and our metallurgists will ensure that the propeller you order is produced using the right combination of metals for the environment in which the propeller will be working.

Today, most propeller companies will ‘go on’ at length about the equipment they use to manufacture the propellers they sell and the design programs that they use to design them. You can rest assured that at Bruntons we ensure that both our designing and manufacturing processes are state of the art. However the major difference you will find using us is the breadth of our experience. There is very little that we have not already done and learnt from!

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