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In development for several years the Bruntons CPP system has now been launched. Our system will be available to almost all motor driven vessels with engines up to 2000hp, including sailing yachts where the propeller's ability to fully feather will be a welcome feature. Available like other CPPs with manual controls our system can also be managed by a sophisticated computer controlled system capable of maintaining automatically exactly the right propeller pitch for the operating conditions that the vessel is in and the crew’s requirements. They will be able to select any number of variations between maximum power to maximum fuel efficiency.

Our Engineers have also worked hard to ensure that our CPP system will be highly effective at maintaining the correct pitch for vessels which are hybrid or purely electrically driven. The system will not only monitor and automatically adjust propulsion efficiency, but battery use optimisation and the maximising of electricity regeneration. Other CPP propellers suffer from excessive blade wear and high spindle loads. With the Bruntons system both of these issues have been addressed and a new blade retention system and a unique twin cam design make these problems of the past.

Whatever your vessel, leisure, commercial or naval, the new Bruntons CPP system is the state of the art solution that ensures maximum propulsion efficiency for your craft whatever the conditions. To download the CPP brochure please click here.