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Our SigmaDrive website has recently been published and is available here. You can also get more information from the SigmaDrive brochure which is available on the downloads page.


This product is for conventionally driven vessels. The system uses a constant velocity joint to self-align the shaft. Thrust taken up on the engine from the propeller invariably changes the angle of the shaft line, particularly when the engine uses soft rubber mounts. Using a single SigmaDrive replacement coupling will ensure the shaft is correctly aligned at all times, especially under high load. The result, reductions in many cases of around 50% in noise and vibration.

Sigma STS

The STS uses a thrust bearing, to resist the axel force of the propeller, coupled up to a pair of constant velocity SigmaDrives. The intimidate shaft from the transmission to the thrust bearing of any length will work at angles of up to 6 degrees. This helps the alignment of the engine to the drive train permitting the use of soft mounts on the engine.

D- Sigma

D- Sigma is a replacement Cardan drive also coupled to a pair of constant velocity joints and can replace existing Cardan shaft for Water jet Drives and Pod Drive propulsion systems.