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VF 70 2 blade
VF 70SD 2 blade for saildrives


VF108 3 blade
VF108 SD 3 blade for saildrive


Three four blade models covering
sizes from 18” to 45”
(457mm to 1143mm)

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Varifold – the folding propeller for larger cruising yachts, cruiser racers and purely racing yachts of all sizes with engines from 10 to 1000hp.

Varifold folding propellers have taken the market by storm. Regularly ftted by such notable yacht building names as Baltic, Swan, Wally, Moody and Oyster, the complete range of Varifolds has a model for cruiser racing and racing yachts of every size. Varifold is revolutionary in design and brings a revolution to the yachts they are ftted to. Radical reductions in noise and vibration and excellent performance under engine, both ahead and astern, are the result of the propellers unique design. Varifolds have proper helical pitch distribution, including pitch reduction towards the blade tip. This pitch reduction ‘unloads’ the blade tips and, combined with the skewed blades, greatly reduces noisy pressure pulses against a yachts hull. While some other folding propellers have a helical pitch shape, few have proper sections or pitch distribution. None, put all these requirements into a complete package, except Varifold.

So advanced is Varifolds design that a 4 blade version has successfully been ftted to a yacht with a 750hp engine, we believe that would have been an impossible task for any other folding propeller. Each Varifold, whatever its size, is built to the same extremely high specifcation from a nickel- aluminium-bronze alloy which guarantees great strength and high corrosion protection. Cruiser racing and racing yachts can now get the best of both worlds; a folding propeller that combines low drag when sailing, with efficient and quiet power when motoring. Oh, and by the way – Varifolds open in reverse, and not just sometimes!

Varifold is such a successful propeller that, as with the Autoprop, it now has its own website. You can find full details of this remarkable propeller here.